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Measuring for your ScreenAway product

Measuring / information & considerations

Make sure you follow our guide when measuring your windows and doors for ScreenAway blinds and screens. ScreenAway recommends you contact a professional installer, especially when retro-fitting to older buildings.

Reveal Mounting

Provide width ‘W’ by measuring inside the window frame reveal. Take measurements at both top and bottom of the reveal and provide the smallest measurement for width ‘W’. For drop ‘D’ measure inside the window frame reveal on both the left and right sides. Use the smallest measurement for drop ‘D’.

For reveal mounted screens or blinds, due to measuring & manufacturing tolerances, it is recommended to subtract 4mm from width ‘W’ and subtract 4mm from drop ‘D’ to ensure the assembly will fit within the reveal easily. Silicon extrusions are recommended for fitment around the assembly to prevent insect or light ingress.

If hood protrudes from the reveal side, hood end caps will be required. You will need to deduct a further 4mm from your measurements.

Face Mounting

For face mounted screens, provide width ‘W’, by measuring from one edge
of the window architrave to the other. For drop ‘D’, measure from top to
bottom edges of the window architrave. Side caps are available.

TIP / Remember for reveal mounting to deduct 3mm from the width, and subtract 2mm from the drop. Total reveal deductions including hood end caps is 7mm.

Measuring Considerations
  • The ScreenAway™ system is suitable for most standard windows including louvre windows.
  • Screens for sliding windows are recommended to be fitted on the outside of the window with handle facing inwards. The outside of the window provides four (4) even surfaces to attach to and screen width need only be as wide as the opening portion of the window. Select ‘reverse’ mounting option when ordering.
  • When mounting to rendered surface be careful not to screw into mortar
  • When measuring reveal mounted screens on awning windows, it is recommended to consider installation in the same position as the original static screen. Consider where the natural bottom position of the screen will sit (often above the handle winding mechanism) as it may sit higher than the bottom of the reveal.
  • Be aware of any window handles or other obstructions that may impact the normal operation of the screen/blind.
  • Consider protrusion of screen/blind handle from bottom rail when selecting appropriate handle for the screen. Options are standard or button handles. Standard handles protrude 20mm from the frame where-as button handles only protrude 10mm from the frame.
  • It is not recommended to mount ScreenAway™ to tiled window reveals.
  • When we receive your order we will assume that you have taken into consideration the recommended deductions for both width and drop and this will be the finished size.
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