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Despite being a mainstay in many households for almost two hundred years, there have been surprisingly few technological advancements in the basic engineering of the screen. Practical for keeping out flies, wasps and mosquitos, they often prove unsightly and awkward to detach when it’s time to clean the windows. This was the fiddly issue that ultimately provided the inspiration for the ScreenAway system, when in 2014 its Australian founders developed a genuinely state-of- the-art solution to this timeless problem.

The ScreenAway Retractable Blind and Screen is a much welcome, revolutionary system that combines sleek, attractive aesthetics, with an incredibly user-friendly pulley design making ScreenAway products the definitive answer in screen and blind technology. Lightweight, versatile, and affordable, the ScreenAway Retractable Blind and Screen System can be fitted to doors, windows and skylights, old or new, and in properties both residential and commercial. The unique retractable design allows for easy cleaning without the need for unit removal, although it remains effortlessly detachable if required.

The stylish ScreenAway Retractable Blind System is a chain and cord-free solution that provides shading levels from opaque to 100% Block Out, in an attractive, safe design. ScreenAway’s intelligent engineering involves the blind fabric being built into the frame, eliminating light bleed-through and guaranteeing total darkness – perfect for the home theatre room, or for shift workers and babies needing a midday nap. ScreenAway’s clever, sealed design also helps to contain heat or freshness, reducing your electricity bill.

ScreenAway is shaping the future and changing the industry as we know it.

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Discreet, affordable and innovative, the ScreenAway Retractable Blind and Screen is a mark of quality. Its versatility makes it suitable for all sizes of window and skylight, while its unique, made-to-measure design allows for easy installation and maintenance. The elegant, practical build of the ScreenAway system makes it the perfect accompaniment to your window reveal.

Built for practicality the ScreenAway Retractable Screen easy access system allows for a trouble free clean, while its cordless retractable design ensures perfect, obstruction free views. A state-of-the-art pulley mechanism means your screen will simply ‘disappear’ into the frame itself, making it one of the most attractive, slimline screen products available.

The ScreenAway Retractable Blind system provides many of the same benefits while also blocking out light with stunning effectiveness. ScreenAway’s innovative cordless system means no hazardous chains or cords, and a wide range of different colour options guarantees a match to compliment every home’s décor.

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